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Republicans take the Senate? Maybe

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UPDATE: It is going to be a late night boys and girls.  The House and Senate are up for grabs.  This race is going to be close, a race that may define the trail our country will take for the next decade.  Both the Democrats and Republicans are sweating.  Nanci Pelosi looks like she just finished a workout, and it seems as a result of the race she has developed a nervous tick.  So far the Republicans have taken Kentucky, Indiana, Florida, Ohio, Alabama, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.  Vermont, Delaware and Maryland has been snagged by the Democrats.  Who will grab the seats necessary to keep power in the Senate?  Will the Democrats stop sweating?  Will Nervosi Pelosi ever stop with the twitching?  Stay tuned for updates to find out.

Early Christmas Gift for the Auto Companies

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            The White House did the right thing stepping in trying to keep the the auto makers afloat.  Although it is only a minuscule 17 billion, it’s definitely something.  Something Congress is too scared to do.  They’re going to try and wait until Obama gets in office.  They don’t want to place blame on anyone especially themselves.

Written by metfan2000

December 22, 2008 at 2:35 pm