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Capital Punishment: Is it Just or does it fit the crime?

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Being a Roman Catholic and a Conservative I am torn.  In the eyes of the church, capital punishment is considered murder in the eyes of God.  As a Conservative, it is seen as a punishment similar to the Code of Hammurabi: “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”  In this case it was a life for a life.  In MANCHESTER, N.H. a judge issued New Hampshire’s first death sentence in nearly 50 years to a man who gunned down a police officer in 2006 and refused to look his victim’s relatives in the eye as they addressed him in court Monday.  According to the article written on foxnews.com on December 22nd,  Addison, a former Boston gang member with a long criminal record, would not look at Maryann Briggs, the mother of the officer, even when Judge Kathleen McGuire told him to. 

“Your name will never be uttered from my lips again,” Maryann Briggs, told Addison, 28.

“You and only you are to blame for the sentence you received. I will not look back and feel anything for you except justice was done,” she said.

Now we have to ask ourselves does the punishment fit the crime?  Should this man, who clearly has lived a life of violence, deserve to die?  Is it our choice to decide between life and death, or do we leave up to God?

Written by metfan2000

December 23, 2008 at 12:39 am